stalking the internet and walking the line.

Woman, don’t make me cry. Somehow your joy makes my eyes sting. Damn your joy!

Old people are everything to me.

Wait for it.

"Mystery is my name. I stalk the night, and guard the weak. I leap from rooftop to rooftuugghh…"

Have you ever seen a calf suck on a teet? or fish eat? 

I want a twin that also lives in a leather bag of skin.

If I was a cutter, I’d full-scale engage due to the fact that I didn’t think of this. 

We need more dogs. Because cats are gay sissy animals that watch Bravo. 

true love is real.  this is reason enough to get old.  

making childhood relevant for those of us who grew up. 

Part of Oprah’s secret is the use of belching goat voice to call into existence the secret of backstage celebrities.  The Secret people. 


I haven’t had a friendship crush on a person I don’t know like this in a long time.  a long time.  someone help me stalk her.  

These. are. my. people.   buggida buggida buggida. 

"Listen I gonna give a clue here now, I don’t want any more bullshit any time during the day, from anyone, that includes me."